Consumer Goods
ANBIYA Technologies Consumer Goods and Services helps our clients to overcome the challenges in all areas including food and non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, home and personal care, apparel and consumer health. We support consumer goods companies with their everyday challenges and help their growth.
Our Consumer good sections:
• Home and Personal Care
• Fashion
• Consumer Health
• Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
• Alcoholic Beverages
Why ANBIYA Technologies:
• State of the art infrastructure which enables us to provide uninterrupted services.
• Highly reliable IT and Network infrastructure with multiple redundancies.
• Broad Technology Reach – Proven ability to deliver to a wide spectrum of existing and emerging Technologies.
• Agility – ANBIYA have the right blend of qualifications, processes, synergy and commitment to provide world-class service and deliver to our customers’ expectations.
• Maximize savings through better turn around and reduce defect rates.
• Deep commitment to our customers defines how we do business and our years of experience working across the industries.
• Unique global engagement model allows the customer to choose the sourcing strategies best suited to their business needs.