Level 1 Support Services
• Functional Usage Support
• Provisioning / Installation / Configuration
• Email / Chat / Web support services
Level 2 Support Services
• Line fault troubleshooting
• Line fault repair (Coordination with field service team)
IT & Software Support Services
• Troubleshooting -L1/ L2
• Functional Usage Support Services – L1
• I-M-A-C: Install, Move, Add, Change Support – L1 / L2
• Repair / Upgrade Issues
• Engineer dispatch
• System & Account Management – L1 / L2
• Warranty/ Post Warrant/ RMA support
• AMC/ Cross/ Up selling of warranty and Spares
Technical Support (Level 1)
Technical Support is critical to developing and maintaining strong customer contact and higher customer loyalty. The dynamic business environment requires companies to transform their Technical Support operations into high-performance systems through performance optimization.
ANBIYA`s Technical Support solution is designed to enhance the customer experience at the very first interface. With three fully operational and networked customer interaction centers across North America and India, ANBIYA facilitates unmatched Technical Support scalability to its industry-leading clients. ANBIYA recognizes that clients might not always speak the common language of technology. In anticipation, the customer interaction team comprises highly educated English speaking employees trained for voice and accent alignment, each of them certified for technical competence and equipped with customer interaction and technology skills.
Some of the Technical Support activities include,
• Call-logging
• Information capture
• Entitlement Verification
• Providing scripted solutions
• Call Escalation
Key Enablers of ANBIYA Technical Support
Technical Support (Level 2)
It’s important to have a single-point resolution and response to accelerate services to the end-users. ANBIYA’s Technical Support team assists the client in providing extended support to customers, field engineers and pre-sales teams at the L2 level. ANBIYA’s experienced engineers analyze each case, isolate the problem, troubleshoot and then design an appropriate solution.
Some of ANBIYA’s Technical Support solutions include,
• Problem Diagnosis
• Problem Isolation
• Providing advice on system usage
• Application of broad product knowledge for troubleshooting
• Escalation-Management
• Updating database and creating new scripts
Key Enablers of ANBIYA Technical Support-2
Remote Support and Infrastructure Management:
Every business model today faces a considerable challenge to effectively optimize IT infrastructure and related operations to deliver ever-improving service levels. These should meet and exceed the expectations of their end-user without compromising on quality and security. Managing networks, databases and applications becomes a Herculean task, which can overwhelm internal resources.
Remote Infrastructure Management services consist of remote (outside the physical premises of a company’s facilities) monitoring and management of infrastructure components followed by proactive steps and remedial actions across the IT landscape. Remote Monitoring and Management is undertaken through a combination of offshore/near-shore/global delivery center, where skilled staff of a service provider monitors and manage the infrastructure, ensuring uptime and availability.
Experts at ANBIYA’s implement and support a wide range of infrastructure technology solutions; from an initial network assessment to fully supported maintenance options. Each option is designed to your specific business requirements. Our support team will collaborate with you and your IT team to understand your specific infrastructure needs and build a scalable solution to make the most out of and protect your IT investment as your business grows.
With extensive experience in assessing, planning, designing, integrating, and maintaining desktops, servers, and networks, ANBIYA’s can design, deliver and manage any phase of an end-to-end enterprise infrastructure implementation.
Our Services include:
• Setting up Software on Remote Servers
• Remote Administration of servers (Unix-based, WinNT/2000)
• Analysis and Improvement of Server Security
• Linux Administration Support
• Firewall Configuration Support
• Router Configuration Supports
• Remote Desktop Support
• Server Installation Support
• Online Desktop Management